Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Noelle - A Fast and Easy Christmas Layout

I'm getting a jump on Christmas this year with a new Close To My Heart kit called the Cut Above layout Noelle. The kit provides everything you need you just add the adhesive. You even get plastic pages for the layout.

I created a video of me putting together the kit to show you how simple and easy these Cut Above kits are. Please forgive me laughing and snorting at myself. Clearly, if I can do this, anyone can!!

Here is my video of Noelle:

What do the finished pages look like?

Supplies Needed:

Z4052 Noelle Cut Above Layout kit

Z3372 Adhesive Runner

Additional Supplies to make life easy:

Z1279 Versamat A grid mat to help make things straight 

Z1836 Non-Stick Micro-tip scissors

Z2046 Piercing tool

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Never Stop Dreaming Part 3

Now we are onto part 3 of my Never Stop Dreaming layout. This is the third and final how-to on creating this lovely single layout found on page 12 of the 2nd seasonal catalog of 2017. Part 3 shows the cutting and placement of the flowers. It is the final laying out of the wreath along with the finishing touches.

It is important to note that other papers can be used in place of these papers. Pick your favorite colors or colors that go with your picture and proceed. Another stamp of your choice can even be used, depending on the time of year you are portraying. 

When you make these choices YOU are the one being creative!!

Here is the suggested Supply List for this version of the wreath:

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Never Stop Dreaming Video part 2

This is the continuation of my Never Stop Dreaming video. It is part 2 of 3. I got carried away and went from let me do a quick explanation of how to do the wreath to a full blown every step of the way "how-to" video. 

The continuation of Never Stop Dreaming scrapbook layout shows how to watercolor the leaves and berries. 

Supply List:

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Have a Llama Fun!

I created a birthday card for the Atlantic Hearts Sketch Challenge and combined it with the Color My Heart Challenge and this is the result:

This is the inside of the card:

The llama thin cuts and stamp set are so cute. I've been able to use it in numerous ways on cards and layouts. What a sweet face. My 2 guys (husband and son) thoroughly enjoyed "Emperor's New Groove" movie many times. We love the line when the emperor realizes he was turned into a llama and declares "llama face!" Of course, every time we see a llama now one of us says "llama face"!!

My supply list to create the card is the following:

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Keep Dreaming Layout video tutorial

This beautiful layout is found on page 12 of the Seasonal Expressions May-August 2017. I immediately feel in love with it and came up with a how-to video to help you create it. These creations are dispersed throughout our catalogs in the form of pages, cards or paper art. They are there for inspiration. But they are not in kits so it may take some experimentation to create them. 

Here is my version along with a video following:

This is part 1 of my video to show you how to create the layout Keep Dreaming: 

Here is the supply list:


      Tuesday, August 1, 2017

      A New Annual Close To My Heart Idea Book is Now Live!

      I am going to start publishing the new items from our Annual Inspirations catalog. There are a lot of new things, so here we go!

      Announcing our New Color of the Year is Bashful!

      What a beautiful color to work with grays, browns, blues, black. If you look at any type ads now you are going to see this color. Once again, CTMH is on trend!

      Here are a couple of examples:

      Another new item in the catalog is a Workspace Wonder Carousel. 
      Here it is:

      The parts to build the carousel are:

      You will need 8 stacks to hold all the colors of the CTMH color palettes since each palette has 10 colors. 

      Here is my video to show you how to put the carousel together and how I labeled it:

      Are You Ready for Back To School?Our August Stamp of the Month can help!

      The Close To My Heart color wheel looks like this:

      Not the usual color wheel, but I like it!!

      Our New Papers

      Notice that the cardstock for all palettes are now 2 tone. The opposite side of each solid cardstock is a slightly lighter tone. This extends the versatility of our cardstock.

      Basic Palette

      Basic Cardstock Combo Pack X5942
      Basic Fundamentals Paper Pack Z3353

      Whimsy Palette

      Whimsy Cardstock Paper Pack Z3350
      Whimsy Fundamentals paper pack Z3350

      Adventure Palette

      Adventure Cardstock Combo Pack X5944

      Adventure fundamentals Z3351

      Enchantment Palette

      Enchantment Combo Pack X5942
      Enchantment Fundamentals paper pack Z3352

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      Tuesday, July 25, 2017