Saturday, February 24, 2018

Six Scrapbook Pages Three 2-Page Layouts in Less Than 30 Minutes-Believe It!!

The new Cut Above Layout Kit is called This Is Me. It's an interesting idea to get someone else's view of you. You are prompted to ask questions about you to someone (or more than one) you care about. It reminds me of the the original Scottish poem, “O wad some Power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us!" Or, in modern English, “Oh would some Power the gift give us, to see ourselves as others see us.” (copied from Google) Still it's a great idea and you would be brave to do this. 

Aside from all that, these are crazy easy layouts (3) to but together. I timed myself while I was making the video, about 26 minutes, and I was talking and thinking at the same time๐Ÿ˜‰!!

The kit paper uses the same colors and patterns as the Chelsea Gardens papers, which are glorious, in my humble opinion.

Here is a description of the kit contents:

Materials to make 3 coordinating 2-page scrapbook layouts, 
  • including pre-printed base pages, 
  • die-cuts, stickers, 
  • photo placeholders, and 
  • instructions. 
  • Also includes 4 top load Memory Protectors™.
Here is my video putting the pages together:


Hope you enjoy the video and buy the kit!๐Ÿ˜Š



Something Magical Cards

I love the colors in this Workshop Your Way Something Magical Cardmaking kit. It is as easy to create and put together kit. The stamp that comes with it is versatile but you can use other small size stamp sets to cover so many occasions. In my video I used one of the Punny Pals stamp sets. So Cute!!

Here is a picture of the kit with the contents to follow:
Kit contents:
1 – exclusive workshop stamp set (B-size)
2 – Make Waves sheets
3 – cardstock sheets (1 Bashful, 1 Peacock, 1 White Daisy)
1 – Peacock-stitched ribbon (Z4144)
1 – Make Waves sequins & gems (Z4142)
12 – white card bases & envelopes
printed instructions
Create 12 cards using the materials in this kit and easy-to-follow instructions (also found below). The interchangeable stamp images give you ultimate control over the creative process, so you can always make your cards your way.

Here are the cards: 

Supplies I used to create the cards:

Operation Smile Punny Pals

Product Description

Set of 36
Recommended My Acrylix® blocks:
1" × 1" (Y1000), 2" × 2" (Y1003)
When you purchase this stamp set, we will donate $7 USD of the proceeds to Operation Smile™, a non-profit organization that provides surgeries to repair cleft lips and palates for children around the world.
How Cute are these stamps!

Here is my video to put these cards together:

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Kitchen Traditions Recipe and Scrapbooking

A new turn of scrapbooking kits is coming your way. It's called Kitchen Traditions and it gives you the ability to build a recipe book to pass down to your children. It has the usual 4 x 6 recipe cards but in addition it has cards that you can add family stories, where the recipe came from, and any family traditions that revolve around the foods we love to eat with our family. You can also add pictures of Grandma who passed the recipe to  Mom. This is a wonderful idea that I am starting to work on for my son, Phillip. He spent the night with us after a dentist appointment. He started cooking us breakfast so I started talking pictures. This is giving me an opportunity to take pictures of the uneventful times. And, yes, the breakfast was yummy. I told him what a good job he did and he told me I taught him well. At 22 he has become an adult and it is wonderous to watch! Good reason to catch it and put it into a recipe scrapbook!

Here are some pictures of all the elements that come in the kits and bundle:

Recipe cards front and back
Cut Above Recipe Kit-Kitchen Traditions Z4168
Cut Above Recipe Kit-Kitchen Traditions Kit with memory protectors

Kitchen Traditions Bundle Z4167 Stamp set not shown
Kitchen Traditions stamp set D1770 comes with bundle or sold separately.
This is an idea of how your book can look!

4.  Kitchen Traditions Stamp Set D1770

Here is my video on my YouTube channel showing the unpacking of this wonderful kit:

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Monday, February 5, 2018

February's Special Pretty in Pink

Bashful is Close To My Heart's color of the year. I am partial to pink and have been forever. This color is beautiful!

We have specials of all things pink going on for the month of February. 

This is a great time to purchase these pink and gold inks, papers, embellishments, glitter papers, love and heart stamps and even an album! These prices are GREAT!! I'm stocking up on my pink supplies.

Here are the links for the items above in order left to right:

1.  Everyday Bashful Album Z9996
2.  Cut Above Layout Kit The Story Begins Baby Girl Z3383
3.  PML cards for Baby Girl Z3388
4.  What Matters Most D1728
5.  Banner Love B1572
6.  Bashful Ink Pad Z2819
7.  Bashful Cardstock X5941
8.  Bashful Mini Pigment Z2508
9.  Bashful Glitter Paper Z3360
10. Bashful Pearls Z3369
11. Raspberry Ink Pad Z2812
12. Raspberry Cardstock Z5974
13. Gold Foil Paper X3365
14. Gold Glitter Paper Z3238
15. Gold Glitter Gems Z3312
16. Pixie Ink Pad Z2844
17. Pixie Cardstock X5984
18. Blossom Ink Pad Z2810
19. Blossom Cardstock X5973
20. Heart Clips Z3381
We have a Color of the Year Bundle:
Bashful Cardstock Bashful Glitter Paper 
Bashful Pearls Bashful Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad 
Bashful Mini Pigment Pad 
Retail Value: $36.30 30% discount price: $25.41
You can also create a wonderful butterfly mobile.

Here is a list of the items in the bundle to create the mobile:

12 – paper sheets (5 Bashful cardstock, 2 Blossom cardstock, 2 Pixie cardstock, 2 Raspberry cardstock, 1 gold foil paper) 
1 – Bashful Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad 
1 – Blossom Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad 
1 – Pixie Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad 
1 – Raspberry Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad 
3 – White Twine 
Retail Value: $48.57 30% discount price: $34 

12 – paper sheets (5 Bashful cardstock, 2 Blossom cardstock, 2 Pixie cardstock, 2 Raspberry cardstock, 1 gold foil paper) 
1 – My Acrylix® Banner Love Stamp Set 
1 – Bashful Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad 
1 – Blossom Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad 
1 – Pixie Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad 
1 – Raspberry Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad 
3 – White Twine 
Retail Value: $58.52 30% discount price: $40.95 

Offer available February 1–28, 2018 while supplies last. Shipping and handling assessed on retail value

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February is Heart Month

February is Heart Month and I'm not just talking about 
Valentine's Day or Close To My Heart.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. Every year, 1 in 4 deaths are caused by heart disease.
The good news? Heart disease can often be prevented when people make healthy choices and manage their health conditions. Communities, health professionals, and families can work together to create opportunities for people to make healthier choices.
You can make healthy changes to lower your risk of developing heart disease. Controlling and preventing risk factors is also important for people who already have heart disease. To lower your risk:
  • Watch your weight.
  • Quit smoking and stay away from secondhand smoke.
  • Control your cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • If you drink alcohol, drink only in moderation.
  • Get active and eat healthy.
I don't want to preach, but I did heart research for close to 30 years. So much can be done with the fore knowledge of what is going on in your body and that of your loved ones. Pay attention to your body, know your history and see a doctor if something feels amiss. Check your blood pressure and your husband's blood pressure. NUMBERS MATTER!!

Both my husband and I are on blood pressure medication. We are also on Weight Watchers now and are trying to get healthier. I have a heart condition that arose suddenly and fortunately there is a wonderful medication that makes my racing heart act normal. (That was uncomfortable and scary). We've both lost weight and have more to go. We are trying to make better lifestyle changes to be around in a healthy way to enjoy retirement and our son and hopefully grandkids someday. 

I need to be around to Scrapbook their pages!!!