Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Unboxing My Cutterpillar Glow Light Tablet

I can't wait to start using my new light tablet by Cutterpillar. I went to the local Scrapbook Expo last weekend with my scrapping friends and came across the Cutterpillar booth. One of the scrappers loves their paper trimmer so we decided to stop and chat with this nice family that owns the business. They were showing their 3 light tablets and the self-healing mats that come with each one. They also have a tempered glass mat. The very coolest thing about the mats is that they designated the measurement lines with 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/9, 3/4, 7/8! So now you know which line is the eighth of an inch!!! How great is that?!!!

Because of the LED technology, the tablet stays cool to the touch and can be switched between 3 light settings. I got the tablet that plugs in but there is one that has a rechargeable battery and also one that is about 19" x 25". 

This tablet will be great for "weeding" Cricut cuts and thin cuts. Placement ant cutting will be more precise with the added light, especially for those of us whose eyesight is becoming more troublesome and needs more light to see. With back lighting you won't be making your own shadow!

Anyway, whatever the use, I am looking forward to using it!

Here is the Cutterpillar website:


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Monday, February 25, 2019

Choose To Shine Cards will Surely Bring Cheer!

Create 12 cards using the materials in this kit and easy-to-follow instructions (also found below). Complete your cards using the exclusive stamp images designed to give you ultimate control over the creative process, so you can always make your cards your way.

Here is a video of making cards from the CTMH Choose to Shine cardmaking kit. There are a couple of good tips in the video. This includes an easy one of lining the cardstock on lined paper then using a filled in circle stamp and lining up the back of the stamp 2 lines away and stamping. As you go along you make a perfect scallop along the top of the cardstock. The kit IS available in the current catalog. Here are the supplies:
Choose To Shine Cardmaking Kit Sapphire Ink Lemon Ink Clover Ink Mint Ink

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Sunday, February 24, 2019

35th Anniversary of Close To My Heart Brings a 35% off sale on the Workspace Wonder Line


Save 35% on Workspace Wonder™

Limited Time Only

Celebrate our 35-year milestone with a week of savings on the incredible Workspace Wonder™ line! This customizable system allows you to stack individual components into a configuration that is just right for your craft space. These savings are only available through 11:59 pm (MST) on Friday, February 28, while supplies last.

What a great way to make your supplies organized and accessible! It looks great, also.

You can order pieces or create your own set up here:

I love mine and use them in my office as well as my scrapping room. Help keep your life in order!




Sunday, February 10, 2019

Another Challenge from Creative Scrapbooker Magazine February 2019 Sketchy Challenge

I did another Challenge from Creative Scrapbooker Magazine Sketchy Challenge. This is the February 2019 sketch challenge. I created this one using the Feels Like Home papers and the February Stamp of the Month.

So here's where I started:

And here's where it ended with the help of the February Stamp of the Month which I used as the title:

The great thing about the stamp is you get to color it to go along with any papers you are using! LOVE IT!!! I used my colored pencils to color the flowers and leaves. I pulled out my new thin cut square frames and made the mats and frames. Theses are wonderful!! It makes easy business of making picture frames. The flowers are off of the Feels Like Home Complements. 

Supply List:

  1. Feels Like Home Paper Pack
  2. Thin Cuts-Stitched Square Frames
  3. Watercolor Pencils
  4. Sugarplum Glitter Gems
  5. Feels Like Home Complements

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A Challenge Card using Newer Colors

I've just completed another Atlantic Hearts Sketch Challenge in combination with the Color My Heart Color Dare Challenge. There are many good reasons for me to do these challenges. Among them are using the many tools and supplies that I have, challenging me to pull together new things I haven't used yet along with things I haven't used in a long time. Coloring the flowers and butterfly had me taking the cellophane off of my Mint, Peach and Caroline ink pads, using CTMH's waterbrush, and digging up my scallop punch now discontinued. Adding the sentiment got me to open the February Stamp Set to see if there were any sentiments I could use for the card. I found this one to go well with the card because what butterfly doesn't appreciate a flower!  

Thanks to my friends at Atlantic Hearts Sketch Challenge and Color Dare Color Challenge to help me stretch my wings!

Supply List of Available Products:
  1. Linen Cardstock
  2. Carolina Cardstock
  3. Peach Cardstock
  4. Mint Cardstock
  5. Thin Cuts Frames Stitched Rectangle
  6. Waterbrush Small
  7. Carolina Ink Pad
  8. Peach Ink Pad
  9. Mint Ink Pad
  10. Cards and Envelopes Value Pack

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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Feels Like Home Shortcuts to Eliminate a lot of Measuring

After making a mistake in measuring, and not noticing the mistake till I completed the heat embossing, I came up with a way of making sure I won't have that problem again. UGH!!!!

Here is my video to show you an easier way of creating all the diagonal lines from project 3, without having to measure each line!

Hope you like this idea! Let me know in a comment at the bottom.




Feels Like Home Project 4

This is the fourth project of the Feels Like Home Deluxe Scrapbooking Workshop. Both the Workshop Your Way and the Deluxe Scrapbooking Workshop have been completed. I got an additional paper pack just because the papers are so versatile and beautiful. I guess I like it! I've always loved pinks and greens together and working with the Ranger Silver Tinsel embossing powders adds technique as well as beauty to each layout!

Feels Like Home papers and CTMH layouts:

My completed project 4 from the video:

Here is project 4 of the Feels Like Home Deluxe Scrapbooking Workshop video:

Supply List:
  1. Feels Like Home Deluxe Scrapbooking kit (with stamp set)
  2. Feels Like Home Deluxe Scrapbooking kit (without stamp set)
  3. Feels Like Home paper pack
  4. Heating Tool
  5. Ranger Silver Tinsel embossing powder
  6. Versamark
  7. Versamat
  8. Anti-Static pouch
  9. Blocks
  10. Aluminum Cut Rail Trimmer
Thanks for coming by! This is One-Stop shopping for scrapbooking supplies. Click on the links under Supplies and you can purchase any of the items shown and MORE!!!



Feels Like Home Project 2

I love this paper!! I've purchased and completed both the Workshop Your Way and the Deluxe Scrapbooking Workshop and I got an additional paper pack. I guess I like it! The pinks and greens together are beautiful and working with the Ranger Silver Tinsel embossing powders adds so much to each layout!

These are the images of the Deluxe pages from CTMH:

Here is my finished version:

This is the paper pack showing the fronts and backs of the papers:
Other ideas of what can be created with the Feels Like Home papers:

My video of how I put project 2 together:

Supply List:



Sunday, February 3, 2019

Reverse Our Papers for a Completely Different Look!

I am using the Mojo Monday sketch along with the Color Dare Challenge to make some Valentine's Day cards for a friends friend that delivers cards to nursing homes. 

Color Dare Challenge colors:

  Mojo Monday 508:

I decided to take the same papers from I Heart Us and reverse them making the same card design. This was fun to do just to see how different the cards would look by reversing the papers. 

Here they are:


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My Solution to Re-Inker Organization

So a month ago I started going through my re-inkers knowing I had some to add since we had new colors added last fall. I was going to use the system I've been using for my papers and stamp pads. I took my catalog and copied the color palette enlarging as needed. So I got my new January 1, 2019 catalog and put it on my HP printer and hit copy. And that's where it ended. I got a message saying the printer head died :-( . So a trip to Staples was necessary because I was going to buy a new printer head. Silly me. A printer head costs more than a whole new printer. It seems like my HP wasn't even that old and as luck would have it, I just purchased a full set of ink. Isn't that the way things work?!!!!

Bottom line, I purchased an Epson Workforce Pro WF-3720. I worked with Epson printers and liked them, so, Epson, I'm back! 

After all this decision making, I clearly blew some brain RAM and forgot what I was doing with my little project. I guess I put away my re-inkers because unboxing the printer and getting rid of the HP took up a lot of space (BTW-Staples takes back printers and gave me a reimbursement for the unused inks).

Yesterday I was looking for a re-inker and remembered my little project. So this is why I made my video. Now I know what I have in my re-inker inventory and also know what I need to purchase over a period of time to fill in the blanks. I also know that if you don't keep track of what you have, there is a tendency to buy more than 1 of something. I have 3 Cashmere re-inkers and that color is discontinued!!! 

You will save money by checking your stash and keep things as simple as possible. Keeping all like things together, allows you to easily take an inventory and check off what you have to minimize duplication. Take it from me, little (not really) miss (not that either) 3 Cashmeres, 2 Glaciers, 2 Smoothies, 2 Pomegranates, 3 Blacks...

Hope you enjoy and get motivated by the video, that I finally remembered to make. Your list doesn't have to look like mine, just something to check off your colors.

Here is a link to Close To My Heart's Re-Inkers:

GO FOR IT!!!!!



Saturday, February 2, 2019

Feels Like Home Deluxe Workshop kit Project 1

I am making a series of videos for the Feels Like Home Deluxe Scrapbook Workshop to show the detail of how to put these pages together. The deluxe kits add more detail to your layouts than the regular Workshop Your Way kits. The purpose is to give you incentive to step out of the box and expand your techniques making you more comfortable with working with various supplies.

Heat embossing is not complicated and gives you such beautiful detail you will be thrilled with the results. Besides, it is so much fun watching the powders melt and become shiny. 

In my video, I am trying to show you how you too can learn do this just by watching me and seeing how easy it is. Once you do this, you will do it again. 

Feels Like Home Paper Pack:

Feels Like Home Layouts:

Supplies I used for these projects:
  1. Feels Like Home Deluxe Scrapbooking kit
  2. Aluminum Cut Rail Paper Trimmer
  3. Heat tool
  4. Silver Tinsel Embossing powders
  5. Versamark Ink Pad
  6. Anti-static pouch
  7. VersaMat
  8. Bonding Memories
  9. Tombow Adhesive
Hope you are encouraged by my video!



Feels Like Home Deluxe kit

I love the Feels Like Home papers so much that I've created 7 layouts (so far). The papers would work well with any black and white vintage photos as well as your modern day photos. The papers are gorgeous. Just see for yourself!
I haven't even started making cards yet, but here are some ideas from Close To My Heart:

I made an introduction video showing the contents of the Deluxe kit:

I will be creating 4 more videos showing how to make the deluxe layouts. 

Supplies I used to create the pages:
  1. Feels Like Home Deluxe Scrapbooking kit
  2. Aluminum Cut Rail Paper Trimmer
  3. Heat tool
  4. Silver Tinsel Embossing powders
  5. Versamark Ink Pad
  6. Anti-static pouch
  7. VersaMat
  8. Bonding Memories
  9. Tombow Adhesive

Hope you enjoy them and decide to create with these beautiful papers too!