Thursday, August 9, 2018

Card Challenge with Central Park Papers

Here is another Color My Heart Color Dare Challenge as well as Atlantic Hearts Challenge. This time I am using the Central Park papers from Close To My Heart.

Here are the challenges:

The Central Park papers are fun, colorful, cheery and whimsical. Perfect for summer fun and festivities. 

The supplies I used are:

  1. Workshops Your Way Central Park Scrapbooking kit 
  2. Central Park Paper Packet
  3. Pacifica Stamp Pad
  4. Gold Fleck Gems
  5. Silver Shimmer Trim

I have made a lot of cards through the years and I do enjoy doing it. I'm not an artist or designer so I love these challenges to help me come up with these cards or pages. I'm also not great at sending cards so I have quite an accumulation. Lucky for me I do have scrapbook clubs with lots of very nice ladies. 

One of them came over this week and started telling me about a friend of hers who makes trips to nursing homes. She brings cards to the people in the home, especially the ones that don't get mail or many visitors. The old folks love these cards. One of the stories this lady shared with my friend hit me hard. A woman was left in the home by her son and daughter (lawyer and dentist). They never visit her and her robe was so tattered that this woman went out and bought her a new one. This made my heart hurt. I told my friend, Mary, that I want to give her friend a pile of my cards. Having these cards get used in such a beautiful way by such a beautiful woman gave meaning and purpose to them. 

As I make more cards, I will have this thought in mind. I will also try to send out more cards myself, because how nice would it be to receive something other than junk mail! I feel inspired by this woman I've only heard about.

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Sunday, August 5, 2018

A Short Story by Stacy

A new product coming September 1, 2018 is our 6 x 6 Story by Stacy. This is Stacy Julian walking us through how to tell an effective story without taking a long time to do it. She prompts us how to think about the important points of the story in order to help write a summary of it. There are instructions for color balance, embellishment balance, ordering the pages, and a great "how-to" that are useful in on our other scrapbooking layouts. 

I am very excited about this new product and the other Stacy Julian products we carry in a smaller format (4x4). They make great gifts for family and are a terrific learning tool for our younger story tellers.

My video is a diary of an unplanned trip to NYC in May 2018 when we flew to Long Island to attend my nieces's wedding reception. My son was tired of sitting around the dining room table and talking "family stuff". He wanted to see the city so we took the train into the city early Sunday morning. I gave him the book for his birthday in July.

Hope you enjoy it. The Story by Stacy kit will be available on my website September 1, 2018.

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