Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fast and Easy Scrapbooking-It's Digital-It's Studio J

Many people like the feel, smell and look of scrapbook papers. I totally understand that view. 

But sometimes you just want to get a whole lot done in very little time. If you have digital files, and who doesn't!, Studio J is the perfect answer to "I don't have the time to scrapbook". Studio J is Close To My Heart's answer to digital scrapbooking. I love it!! 

Close To My Heart’s online design software, Studio J®, helps you create two-page layouts faster, simpler, and easier—saving you time and money!

Your Studio J layouts are perfect for your cherished albums. 

Here’s why:

     *Every layout is custom printed using the highest quality photo 
processing paper and technology. Your layouts will last a lifetime!

     *Choose from dozens of themed kits to suit any event or occasion, with 
coordinating embellishments, stickers, and fonts to customize your look.

     *Select just the right pattern, accommodating from two to 15 photos per layout—great versatility.

     *The software is free! Create an account on my website and start   designing complete layouts in just minutes. 

     *Each two-page layout is only $6.95!! Amazing!!  

I was able to complete four layouts in one hour. Here are some of my pages:

Please don't leave your files just in digital mode. Your phone or laptop or disc or the cloud, doesn't allow for viewing at a later time. I've seen digital storage change from the days of tapes, I hate to admit that. There is no permanence in storage modes or equipment. Printing can be passed down for everyone to enjoy. And, while I'm at it, a little journaling can go a long way. I have a beautiful OLD scrapbook-the kind with the black pages, beautiful black & white photos held in place be corners, but there are no names of anyone and there is no one left to ask. It makes me sad. It could be anyone's family album. Remember names, dates, place, at the very least. OK, I'll stop preaching now...sorry.

Start your digital scrapbooking today. WooHoo, you can do it!!

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