Friday, August 24, 2018

Cleaning My Cricut Cutting Mats

It's laundry day at the Smith's, even for my Cricut cutting mats!

Cricut mats aren't particularly cheap. So when they get full of paper lint, glitter or anything else that makes them less sticky, it's good to remedy the situation. The last thing you want is for paper slippage to occur while you are cutting. (Been there done that) I've washed my mats with soap and warm water with a small degree of success. My upline put a note out on her consultant Facebook page that she heard the Dollar Tree's cleaner "Totally Awesome" brand does a good job of removing the unwanted debris. So I decided to try it.

Mat and Totally Awesome Cleaner

Mat with lots of glitter

I sprayed the orange cleaner and scrubbed the mats with a wet Handi Wipe (lintfree) and a very abrasive pot scrubber, Scotch Brite. I used the pot scrubber on my oldest mat in case I did any damage. It worked very well and I was pretty aggressive. I let the mats air dry on all sides by standing them up. 

Laundry Day!!

I am very pleased with the results and all my mats are back to being sticky so my papers won't slip in the Cricut. 

If your mats are in need of a stickier surface after they've been cleaned, you can use the Bonding Memories Glue stick to extend the life of your mat.

I'm happy. If you need any more Cricut cutting mats, you can order them on my website here:

We offer a variety of Cricut tools also.

Now you are set! Have a laundry day on your Cricut mats!!


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