Sunday, September 9, 2018

How I Organized My New Close To My Heart Colors

Close To My Heart totally reorganized the way they organize their color chart. Previously, for years, the colors were presented in four different color families, Whimsey, Adventure, Enchantment and Basics. These groups had all the colors but were in pastel, bright, and darker shades, that could mix together and trust we could that it would look great. Then CTMH started mixing families and the combos still looked great. Now they are organizing according to like colors. I organized my cardstock and inks according to the CTMH families. Since they are no longer using the original color family's names, it made no sense for me to continue that method. On top of that CTMH retired 11 colors and brought in 11 new colors and a New Intense Black.

So I spent a couple of days making a mess in hopes of more organization, and really, isn't that what we all want?!

The most useful thing I did was enlarge the color list 250% on my printer. I love the large letters because of my eyesight. You may not need that much of an enlargement. I used that size for the cardstock organization in my Stamp n Storage 12 x 12 paper holder.

This is my reorganized stamp pad carousel: 

  1. Workspace Wonder Carousel Base and Top
  2. Workspace Wonder Stamp Pad Stack

I have file folder hanging racks that I purchased from Stamp n Storage that I use in my Club Room. I reorganized these to go with stamp pads. I put several 
sheets of each color of cardstock in each folder so if any of my ladies need a sheet they can grab it easily.

Daisy is my helper.

Here's my cardstock in my Stamp n Storage boxes:

Stamp n Storage description of their holders.

Keep your collections of your favorite card-stock and paper organized in a Stamp-n-Storage Paper Holder. Instead of feeling like you're drowning in a sea of paper, you'll be able to store yours horizontally or vertically in the 12 slots(1" tall) per Holder. They're sturdy enough to be stacked into a colorful tower of creativity, or you can put one right on your desk. Each slot can be removed, except for the center one, to make room for larger stacks of paper. There's even an arc cut in the slots to make it easier for you to remove the sheets you'll need next. 
We’ve also designed a Paper Holder that will perfectly fit inside of the square IKEA® shelving openings like a hand in a glove.

As you can see, I continued to use the 250% enlargement of the color list. I can see the color dot easily and the name size is big enough for me to read. 

I did make a video that is a little noisy because it is handheld and I'm walking around, so please forgive the fluctuation in my voice and the weird noises.

I hope you find this informative and helpful in your own organization!




  1. Thanks, April! I appreciate you commenting. I had a hard time changing but I like the change now.