Tuesday, January 8, 2019

It's a New Year and It's Time to get Organized!!

It all started with trying to make a color copy of the Close To My Heart color palette to organize my re-inkers. So long story short, I now have a new printer, and a cleaner more organized office. So call it an early spring cleaning!

Hubby gave me a new video camera for Christmas so I decided to do a hand-held room tour. There's a couple of spots that can make you a little dizzy from me getting too close to things, so please forgive me since this was the maiden voyage of the new camera. :-)

Closet Before

Closet After

Side Desk Before

Side Desk After

I am hoping as I get rid of older supplies by means of scrapbook sales, I will be able to refine this organization. I need to get rid of LOTS of stamp sets. This is hard because I do get attached to many of them. The upside is so much of the scrapbook sale items are in cubes and crates that I can pick up and go with them.

The Iris boxes with the "pages ready for pictures" are easy for me to pick up and take with me to a retreat. 

The old funky albums will disappear when I transfer the pics to new pages and albums. THAT will be NICE!!!

So to sum up my organization, it is a work in progress. The important thing for me is to get past the anxiety (it is hard for me to start something) and start somewhere picking away till you can find the floor or desktop. The organization can't be complicated but it does need to be something that helps you put things back after use in an obvious place.  

Here's to the New Year and a good start for all of us!!




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