Sunday, February 3, 2019

My Solution to Re-Inker Organization

So a month ago I started going through my re-inkers knowing I had some to add since we had new colors added last fall. I was going to use the system I've been using for my papers and stamp pads. I took my catalog and copied the color palette enlarging as needed. So I got my new January 1, 2019 catalog and put it on my HP printer and hit copy. And that's where it ended. I got a message saying the printer head died :-( . So a trip to Staples was necessary because I was going to buy a new printer head. Silly me. A printer head costs more than a whole new printer. It seems like my HP wasn't even that old and as luck would have it, I just purchased a full set of ink. Isn't that the way things work?!!!!

Bottom line, I purchased an Epson Workforce Pro WF-3720. I worked with Epson printers and liked them, so, Epson, I'm back! 

After all this decision making, I clearly blew some brain RAM and forgot what I was doing with my little project. I guess I put away my re-inkers because unboxing the printer and getting rid of the HP took up a lot of space (BTW-Staples takes back printers and gave me a reimbursement for the unused inks).

Yesterday I was looking for a re-inker and remembered my little project. So this is why I made my video. Now I know what I have in my re-inker inventory and also know what I need to purchase over a period of time to fill in the blanks. I also know that if you don't keep track of what you have, there is a tendency to buy more than 1 of something. I have 3 Cashmere re-inkers and that color is discontinued!!! 

You will save money by checking your stash and keep things as simple as possible. Keeping all like things together, allows you to easily take an inventory and check off what you have to minimize duplication. Take it from me, little (not really) miss (not that either) 3 Cashmeres, 2 Glaciers, 2 Smoothies, 2 Pomegranates, 3 Blacks...

Hope you enjoy and get motivated by the video, that I finally remembered to make. Your list doesn't have to look like mine, just something to check off your colors.

Here is a link to Close To My Heart's Re-Inkers:

GO FOR IT!!!!!




  1. how often do you use the reinkers?

  2. I don't have to re-fill my stamp pads very often. I have overfilled though. Then you get ink all over the stamps and it's a mess. You can make your own multicolor stamp pad with baby wipes which is totally fun to do. You can also add ink to water in the refillable brushes or sprays. Then you can splash on your backgrounds of papers.