Sunday, February 16, 2020

Save Space in Your Scrap Room! Stamp Set Envelope Snap Removal

After reorganizing my office, including my collection of Close To My Heart acrylic stamp sets, I saw that I still have lots of stamp envelopes that have the snaps on them. All the new stamp sets no longer have the snaps. The flap just inserts into a slit taking much less space in our large organizers. I did one of the 4 sections of a large organizer which held a snug 12 stamp sets. After the snap removal, 5-6 more stamp sets can fit into the same space. I'm not taking out the paper parts or the foam stamping sheet from each envelope, but if you did, I would estimate you could probably fit 10 sets into the same space. I used an old Radio Shack 100 watt soldering gun to melt and remove the snaps. It was easy!! I did 12 sets in 14 minutes including cutting a slit. This was a far better way to remove the snaps than my previous way which was a wire snipper. Snaps went aflying that way!!

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