Thursday, January 13, 2022

Making a Two Page Layout out of a One Page Layout Video #1

Remember Today is a Cut Above (easy peasy) kit made to create a calendar. I decided to not make it into a calendar and just it to create a 2022 album. I do like 1 page layouts, but making an album for the year I decided I'd rather have 2 page layouts. I decided I would take each layout and cut it up in a way to easily make a 2 page layout. I'm doing this in multiple videos so it isn't too long. Remember Today is available while supplies last. You can get the kit of layouts, the kit with layouts and a calendar (which) you can ALWAYS use, and a kit with all of that and an exclusive stamp set.

Here is my first two page layout from page 1:

This is my process video:

Supplies to make the calendar or single page layouts:
  1. Remember Today Calendar Kit (no stamp set)
  2. Remember Today Calendar Kit (Stamp included)
With additional supplies of cardstock, you can create 2 pages from the 1 page layout:
  1. Remember Today Cut Above Kit

 What the kits look like:

There will be more videos to come as I go through the 13 pages. By the end of the video, I will have 26 pages to fill an album for the whole year.

Thanks for coming by!


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