Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It's the Easter Bunny!!

Hopping Down the bunny trail is my Decoupage Bunny made from my scrapbooking scraps! 

 Here she is:

I used scraps from the following paper packets:

The ribbons used for the tail and around the ears and neck are pieces of leftover ribbon from my years of stock. Any ribbons or cotton balls for the tail could be used. I used Mod Podge from Michael's for the decoupage medium. She was fun to make and I think I'll go buy some fake eyelashes for her. Close To My Heart papers are so thick that I found I needed to soak the ripped up scraps in water before i put them on the bunny. The drying took longer but that's ok. I probably spent 5-6 hours all told on her. Tomorrow I will start on the boy bunny.  

Time to hop off to bed!


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