Sunday, December 23, 2018

You Got This Card Workshop Kit Cutting and Assembly

The You Got This Card Workshop is my last kit from the our September-December 31, 2018. The cards are a set of thank you and encouragement cards. It is so nice to have cards readily available to send out without having to go out and send $$$ or one card! 

Here are what the cards are supposed to look like. I will be putting mine together tomorrow, so we will see.

Here is the contents of the kit:

My Supply List for creating the cards including the inks:

  1. You Got This workshops Your Way
  2. Aluminum Rail Paper Trimmer
  3. Non-stick Micro-tip Scissors
  4. Saffron Ink Stamp Pad
  5. Sapphire Ink Stamp Pad
  6. Fern Ink Stamp Pad
  7. Acrylic Blocks
I made a video of the cutting all the pieces needed to create the cards. 

I also made an assembly video finishing all the cards.

My words to you-You Got This!!!



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