Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Craft With Heart June 2020 Scrapbook Layout

Be ready to preserve memories as you make them with a Craft with Heart™ Scrapbooking subscription. As a subscriber, you’ll receive regular deliveries of Cut Above® layout kits, each kit featuring two beautifully designed two-page layouts. Your layouts come together in minutes thanks to pre-printed base pages, with complementary die-cuts and stickers to help you preserve your memories in style.

These two 2-page layouts were completed in 29 minutes. Together they hold 12 pictures, or if you incorporate flip flaps. I love the lady bugs on the first layout and all the rain clouds on the other layout. Even busy people have the time to put these together. Honestly, the hardest thing is to get your pictures printed and that can be done at your corner drug store.

Layout 1

Layout 2


Craft with Heart has the simplest of instructions, has no cutting at all, and the only additional tools that are needed are adhesives. This is a great craft to do with your children and everyone will be happy with the end product.

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