Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Organizing My Thin Cuts (or Die Cuts) Using CTMH Albums

When I started purchasing Close To My Heart Thin Cuts, I thought an easy way to store them was in a 6 x 8 album using 6 x 8 single pocket pages and 6 x 8 pages with 2 horizontal 4 x 6 pockets. That allowed me to quickly flip through the pages and find each particular die. Fast forward to years later and the book, now books became burdensome. I needed to put a more organized method in place.

Because of the large number of Thin Cuts I've purchased over several years, the search for a particular Close To My Heart Thin Cut die was becoming tedious and time consuming. I decided to take the time to group and separate them and label the albums with something more specific than "Thin Cuts". After pulling the 6 x 8 albums out of the cabinet in my club room, I started sorting the 6 x 8 pages that I store the stand alone thin cuts. The albums have become heavy and cumbersome because of the metal and magnetic sheets.  The sets of stamps with thin cuts are kept together in CTMH stamp organizers. 

As I started making stacks, it became clear to me to separate the letters and word dies from the basic shapes. Then the basic shapes were separated from the fancier dies. So the borders, scallops, leaves, snowflakes, etc. have their own book. At some point I will probably make a 4th album of just nature shapes-flowers, leaves and such.      

My video is a fairly quick view of the simple process I went through to make my life a little simpler. My Brother P-touch label maker is indispensable for me. I love labeling stuff!!


Hope this helps you to get ideas that can work for you!!



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