Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Festive Confetti Papers make a fun Birthday or Celebratory Box Card!

My 2nd Go at a Box Card

Confetti Papers are so festive and are great for a girl or a boy!

So, it's been icy, sleety, snowy and cold here and that means it's a great day for paper crafting! Here is my creation from yesterday, I could have vacuumed or done laundry, but this was decidedly more fun!!

Remember, this box cards folds flat so it can go into an envelope. I will make that today with my Cricut. 

Confetti paper packet X7189B

  • The balloons were cut using the Cricut and the Close To My Heart Artiste Cricut cartridge Z1790 at 1 1/2 inches. The paper is two-sided so 2 cuts=2 different balloons. 
  • On the front of the box I used our self-sticking Purple Shimmer Trim Z1919. Gots to have the bling! 
  • The cake, "Happy" in a cloud, and "birthday" was cut out from one of the 3 different print (CTMH calls background and texture-B&T for short). 
  • The words "The Party, The Cake, The Presents", were all cut off of a "zip strip" from one of the papers. All our B&T papers come with a 1/2 inch zip strip that can be used as a border or decoration. When the 1/2" strip is cut off the paper you are left with a 12 x 12 sheet. 
  • The side flaps are simply 2 pieces of Confetti B&T cut to a square 2 3/4" and trimmed with the purple Shimmer Trim Z1919

The Steps:

  • The box itself is cut from 1 of the 2 pieces of Canary cardstock the comes in the Confetti Paper Packet X7189B
  • The strip is 5 1/2 X 11 1/2". 
  • It is scored lengthwise down the middle at 2 3/4". 
  • Turning the piece, scoring to this center score at 2 3/4", 5 1/2", 8 1/4", and 11". 
  • Opposite from these scores, cut to the center, matching the cuts to the 4 scores. 
  • At the 1/2" end cut off the top 1/2" leaving the 1/2" score section in place.

This is how I choose to decorate my sides. 

  • Cut 2 1/2" squares (8 pieces) and use your fave adhesive to glue them on.
  • Fold along your score lines to make an obvious fold.

It's all about the box, the box, the box...

  • Use your strongest adhesive to adhere the 1/2" flap to the inside of the opposite end of the strip.
  • Cut 2 pieces of canary cardstock 2 3/4 X 3 3/4" and score 1/2" from each end in the same direction.
  • Use strong adhesive to adhere both pieces on the inside of the box. 

Decorate to your hearts content!!

  • The Happy Birthday on the stand-up flap at the back of the box was cut from the same Cricut Artiste cartridge Z1790.
  • The candles under that were cut from the other side of the side flaps.
  • The balloons that stand up from the inside of the box panels were glued to 1/4" cardstock strips.
  • You can glue whatever you like on the front and back of these panels. 

The back of the box:

I reinforced the back of the box with a 2 1/2 X 5" decorated canary cardstock.

TADA-now I need someone to send it to!! :-)

Hope you find this helpful, but mostly something that would be fun for you to do!



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