Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day and I woke up to a heart shaped tin with Dove turtle chocolate hearts inside. They are slowly migrating their way from the tin to my mouth. How does that happen? Then I heard on the Weekend Today that you shouldn't keep open chocolates longer that 10 days! WooHoo!! Who knew? 

An easy to make card with a tube of candies is an easy thinking of you gift.

Close To My Heart has a versatile selection of the small stamps they call their Minis. These small stamps have a small price, $2.95. The stamps take card making to a beyond easy point. Imagine someone receiving a handmade card from you. It would mean so much more. My sister saves mine. How sweet is that. It makes me feel so good when I sent the card to make her feel good. Win-win. Hugs and kisses (M1054) is one stamp that can be used for occasions other than Valentine's Day. The doodle circle and little heart is a separate stamp called Doodled Designs (A1170) that has 5 pieces to it and is $6.95. It can be used with the minis for added flair. The purple paper (Z2032) with hearts is part of our Paper Fundamentals Adventure packet. The same design is on both sides but one side is shiny and monochrome. The pink glitter shimmer tape (Z1986) is self stick and adds so much to any card, especially if you like shiny things!! I happen to love shiny things ;-). The red strip is a piece of cranberry cardstock (1272) that I embossed with our heart embossing folder (Z3018). I didn't realize till now that we have 13 different embossing folders. They are so easy and fun to use. You can even make woodgrain paper. Love it!!  Adding dimension to your card or scrap page is a must. This card was purposely done to be an easy to make and take item. People are using many layers in their creations which is great. But if you are beginning, who wants to be intimidated? The idea is to get started and develop your skills. I had my daytime club this past Thursday. We've been scrapping and putting workshops together for a number of years. Things were pretty timid first with questions like "where is the 1/4" mark on the cutting board?" It hit me Thursday that they are talking to each other, reading their own directions, and I'm thinking they don't even need me anymore. In fact they are challenging me, so next we will be making box cards. How great is this?!

Think about finding a club and joining it or start one even with one other person and it will grow. The camaraderie is great and you encourage each other on the work you've accomplished. I enjoy it but I also love to watch it happen.

I hope you see something that looks like it might be fun to do. Shopping online with me is so easy, too. 


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