Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy February-It's Heart Month!!

Do You Have a Happy Heart?

All February is American Heart Month. Right smack in the middle is, of course, Valentine's Day. Back in the days of Aerobic Dance classes, there were Dance For Your Heart fund raisers for the American Heart Association. At the time I was able to dance for the full 4 hour event. Now there is a Heart Walk. That might be more up my alley! American Heart Association has a blog to give you more information about your heart. There is also the National Wear Red Day on February 6, 2015. Heart disease isn't only about men. To support the Go Red for Women campaign here are some cute products that support fighting heart disease in women. And please click here to read the warning signs of an impending heart attack. 

I know this isn't scrapbooking but if you are in an event or a bunch of your girlfriends are wearing red on Feb. 6th it could be a page. Close To My Heart happens to have a perfect embellishment for such a page:

The order number is z2009. I purchased a lot of these-
uses many uses and place to put them!

Just a little back story about me. I worked in heart research for 20+ years. So much has been learned about the heart since the 70's when I started in research, yet here we are still hearing the stories that seem unnecessary. 

A neighbor was supposed to have a Super Bowl party at his home yesterday, but the week before he was at a neighborhood party. He didn't look good and wasn't acting like himself. He had been having various kinds of discomfort during the week. Fortunately, he is alive because there happened to be a nurse at the party who immediately started chest CPR when he fell out of his chair. The ambulance was there in 6 minutes and he is alive with a pacemaker now. He is 47 with kids 12 and 19 and a wife who bugged him but couldn't get him to go to the doctor. Keep bugging your man, ladies!! I found a doctor and made an appointment for mine (he was very unhappy with me). He still hasn't had the colon check but we are working towards it. 

Please learn as much as you can to help your family with heart health. 


Here are some February specials from Close To My Heart:


Buy one album get the 2nd one 1/2 off-either D-Ring or post bound.

Stamp Of The Month:

Place a $50 order and you are able to purchase this versatile stamp for $5!!

Ideas of cards to make with this stamp set:

Both cards so cute and cheery!

Happy Scrapping!!!  


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