Sunday, February 15, 2015

My First Attempt at a Box Card that Can Fold Flat

  • It's a card that opens into a box of flowers, WooHoo!
  • And you don't have to water the flowers, WooHoo, WooHoo!!
I told you my club ladies are challenging me. 

So the box card has been all the rage on Pinterest for awhile now. One of the ladies, Sara, wanted to make a Valentine's box card for her husband. So, I went to Sara's home and she was showing me a how-to she found online and we sat at her craft table and cut till it made some sense to us. The box came out smaller than we thought it should, so I adjusted the measurements, ugh, math.
We cut a strip for the box that is 5 1/2" X 11 1/2" and scored the strip lengthwise, the full 11 1/2", at 2 3/4". Then you turn the strip horizontally and score at 2 3/4, 5 1/2, 8 1/4 and 11". Hold the strip in the horizontal position and on the same side, cut on the score lines to the middle score. You can cut the 1/2" cut piece off leaving the scored 1/2" piece. Now fold to form a box like the one below:

I used the Brushed papers (x7190B) to cover the sides and flaps
but any papers you like can be used. 

A close-up of the flowers and stamped flaps.

I used a discontinued stamp set that reminded me of spring and cut flowers from one of the Brushed background and texture sheets and then added some bling. The flowers and leaves were glued onto 2 pieces that were cut to 3 3/4" X 2 3/4" with scoring on the longer ends at the 1/2" in from each end. the 1/2" pieces were folded toward the back and glued at 1" and 2" inside the box essentially dividing the interior of the box into thirds. You can the adhere whatever cut pieces, ie. flowers, balloons for a birthday card, etc. that go with your card theme. 

So this is my first attempt. My 19 year old son walked by and said "hey, I'm not lying, that's cool". First of all, does that mean he lies to me other times?!!!...Just thinking out loud.Now the really cool part is this card folds flat, so it can be sent in an envelope. Granted, it needs to be a 6 X 6 envelope, so the next thing I need to do is cut one on my Cricut.

Note:  Use a glue that you are comfortable with that is strong.

It does fold totally flat, it just wouldn't stay that way while I was photographing it. Grrrr
I will be doing more of these. Stay tuned!!


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  1. Wow! I can't believe this is your first attempt. I'm impressed!